Raxter law resolves eminent domain legal issue city of Murrieta

 Raxter Law | Menifee Law Office resolves eminent domain legal issue city of Murrieta

Eminent Domain issues are never easy. Let’s be honest, they are not easy for either party – The City/Government or the Property Owner. When City Government moves to take real property from its citizens it must do so within the bounds of the law. It can be a long and time-consuming legal process.

We recently resolved a long standing eminent domain dispute with the City of Murrieta. We represented a client against the City of Murrieta and through our efforts our client was able to achieve a great result and substantial increase to the original offer by the City of Murrieta.

This particular matter involved farming/right to farm, business law, business goodwill, among other areas of real property and Eminent domain law.

It was a pleasure to deliver great results to the client.

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