How a California Probate Attorney can help in administering estates

How A Probate Attorney Helps How a California Probate can help in administering the estate of a loved one A Probate attorney is a state licensed lawyer who understands law aspects enough to advice estate executors and beneficiaries on settling final affairs of a deceased person. The lawyer is also referred to as an estate attorney and is responsible for handling personal representatives throughout the probate process until everything is smoothed out. He will take the representative through trusts, wills … Continued

The Amazing Village in The Netherlands Just for People with Dementia

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California Probate Process

The California Probate Process in Graphic Form.    

Beware of Scams Targeting the Elderly

SCAMS – If it’s too good to be true…well you know! This month I was planning to write an article covering the topic of conservatorships, however, an issue was brought to my attention this month that is of a more pressing nature. This month alone approximately ten clients have been the attempted victims of a scam. Luckily, none became actual victims. So, let me use this opportunity to discuss a few of the common scams that are running rampant as … Continued

Role of the Executor in a will

Executor’s role in Probate What is an “Executor?” In California the Executor is also called a personal representative. It is the person or entity nominated by the deceased person (the “decedent”) in a Will to administer the estate of that person as directed by the Will. Let’s start by stating that it’s both an honor and a burden to serve as someone’s executor. An executor – now also called a personal representative – is entrusted with responsibility for winding up … Continued

What is Probate?

WHAT IS PROBATE? Probate is a legal proceeding that is used to wind up a person’s legal and financial affairs after death. In California probate proceedings are conducted in the Superior Court for the county in which the decedent lived, and can take at least eight months and sometimes as long as several years. WHAT HAPPENS DURING A PROBATE? The person who is nominated in the will as executor files a petition with the Superior Court asking that he or … Continued

Elder Financial Abuse

California Law requires all bank employees to report all suspected cases of elder financial abuse. The California Bankers Association has compiled a list of tips to help consumers be more vigilant in keeping seniors safe. Elder financial abuse is a somewhat unique crime in that, oftentimes, it is a member of the family, close friend or caregiver who ends up perpetrating the crime, making it that much more difficult to detect. I would encourage you to… look out for these common … Continued