Bankruptcy Explained

BANKRUPTCY EXPLAINED Whenever the economy suffers, the word bankruptcy gets tossed around. Anyone can experience trouble with finances including celebrities, athletes, politicians, business leaders and other prominent public figures. Every day on the news we hear reports of people (famous or not) dealing with financial problems stemming from divorce, medical conditions, mortgage foreclosure, credit problems, and lawsuits. This article will attempt to explain the bankruptcy process. There are many chapters of bankruptcy protection that can be filed such as chapter … Continued

Raxter law resolves eminent domain legal issue city of Murrieta

 Raxter Law | Menifee Law Office resolves eminent domain legal issue city of Murrieta Eminent Domain issues are never easy. Let’s be honest, they are not easy for either party – The City/Government or the Property Owner. When City Government moves to take real property from its citizens it must do so within the bounds of the law. It can be a long and time-consuming legal process. We recently resolved a long standing eminent domain dispute with the City of … Continued

Did you know?

Did you know that the Court just ruled that the Provision of the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act of 1971 prohibiting retailers from requesting or requiring personal identification information from a cardholder does not apply to online transactions?


We are very excited to add NancyRose to our team! NancyRose is completing the last few classes of law school and in the meantime decided to grace our office with her knowledge and dedication while she prepares to take the bar exam. NancyRose joins our team as a Law Clerk under the supervision of the Attorney. NancyRose is concentrating on Adoptions and Family Formation law and is a welcome and invaluable addition to our team here at Raxter Law. Feel … Continued

Elder Financial Abuse

California Law requires all bank employees to report all suspected cases of elder financial abuse. The California Bankers Association has compiled a list of tips to help consumers be more vigilant in keeping seniors safe. Elder financial abuse is a somewhat unique crime in that, oftentimes, it is a member of the family, close friend or caregiver who ends up perpetrating the crime, making it that much more difficult to detect. I would encourage you to… look out for these common … Continued

We received another AVVO Recommendation.

We just received another Client Recommendation! The best compliment is a satisfied client. See the recommendation below: Mr. Raxter is loyal to his clients and very honest and upfront, He knows what he is doing and he gives you what you have asked of him ” 100% ” and Mr. Raxter works for you and you can be sure you will be kept in the know. He will always be my lawyer and I recommend Mr. Raxter to you. Our … Continued


NEW LAWS THAT TOOK EFFECT IN 2012 THAT EVERY EMPLOYER OR BUSINESS OWNER SHOULD KNOW Several new employment laws will impact California employers’ day-to-day operations and policies in 2012. Unless specified, the below laws became effective on Jan. 1, 2012. Credit Check AB 22 prohibits employers and prospective employers, not including certain financial institutions, from obtaining and using consumer credit reports (credit information) about applicants or employees. The prohibition does not apply to “managerial positions,” defined as those who qualify … Continued